Defending Democracy: The Wall Street Journal

Today’s Wall Street Journal has the good sense to come out on the correct side of the Dartmouth College case (today’s, not Daniel Webster’s) mentioned below.  The entire column is available here. An excerpt is below:

Daniel King, ’02, sums it up well. Mr. King describes himself as “an openly gay man, a teacher, a card- carrying member of the Democratic Party, the ACLU, and the Human Rights Campaign.” In an essay   posted online, he puts it this way: “The real battle going on is one between an overly paternalistic College administration, supported by a rubber-stamp Board of Trustees that has totally abdicated its oversight responsibilities – and, on the other side, loyal alumni from all sides of the political spectrum who wish to not see the value of their Dartmouth degree plummet and to preserve the historic and unique ties that alumni have to our alma mater.”


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