Superstars: Max Grant

Intellectual Property powerhouse Latham & Watkins has had much occasion of late to toast attorney Max Grant: the Navy SEAL-turned-attorney secured a jury verdict of almost $185 million for Latham client C.R. Bard (over defendant W.L. Gore, for infringing on a Teflon-based vascular graft). Post-trial motions recently garnered Bard nearly $371 million in compensatory damages, plus attorneys’ fees of $19 million and pre-judgement interest of $20 million.

Mr. Grant formerly served in Panama, Honduras and Colombia as a SEAL, fighting drug traffickers. His work is arguably more tame as Latham’s Global IP co-chair, and co-lead (with Steve Cherny, lately of Kirkland Ellis) on the Gore case.

Mr. Grant is known for carrying a full-sized skull-and-crossbones flag with him to every trial and planting it in his strategy room to establish a “battleground mentality” among his lawyers.

Max Grant, Latham & Watkins Global IP Co-chair / pirate.

Max Grant, Latham & Watkins Global IP Co-chair / pirate.


3 Responses to Superstars: Max Grant

  1. Mike H says:

    Interesting post – Mr. Grant sounds like quite a guy. I find it intriguing that Grant would go from a Navy SEAL to a successful IP lawyer. Doesn’t that seem like an unlikely sequence? I guess he’s capable of fighting the most trying physical and mental battles. And winning them both.

  2. Andrew Eastman says:

    Thanks for your comment; the best college professor I ever had was a former Green Beret. There might be something about training at that level which produces a very keen mind and strong dedication (or requires them in the first place).

  3. Debra A Hunt says:

    An amazing example of a diamond like mind, AND
    physical agility to go from such a physically demanding job to such a mentally intense position.
    In all fairness, “Extreme Soldiers” really have to be

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