Tying One On

From the Saint Louis University law library, a hasty and urgent dispatch:

Bow ties are cool again.

Made from such little material, the bow tie can speak volumes, and lately it has. The neck wear, once only the domain of either the staid and stately or the faculty club, is on the rise: bow ties have shown up in concerts, on athletes, and in Gossip Girl.

Traditional menswear bastion Brooks Brothers has always carried bow ties, and today continues to sell an assortment. They can be had in patterns like madras, rep stripe, polka dot, plaid, seersucker, and more. Brooks Brothers neckwear manager Richard Cristodero couldn’t be happier: the house’s retail stores around the country report bow ties flying off the shelves, in record numbers weekly. They’re reportedly the only item that is selling better than it did last year.

An image of sophistication and security might be behind the re-emergence; in times like these, we like to look smart, assured, and secure. Yet there’s a rake-ish quality to them, something a little less respectable despite its elevated station; the raffish associate, caught with the secretary, maybe.

Also experiencing a re-birth: narrow ties, cardigans, and vee-neck sweaters. That is to say, basic East Coast college chic, although “chic” is the opposite of the look.

Winston Churchill, and bow tie.

Winston Churchill, and bow tie.


2 Responses to Tying One On

  1. Kay says:

    Don’t forget Chippendales.

  2. Robert says:

    I’ve worn bow ties for years; jolly glad they’re back on the scene!

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