Grant’s Back

Latham & Watkins IP litigator, and former United States Navy SEAL, Max Grant was profiled on this web log months ago for both his successful trial practice and for the life-sized black pirate flag he carries with him throughout trials.

Mr. Grant’s back in these pages today for more mundane reasons: his team is in the post-trial stages of a patent-infringement case worth over $400 million for his client, Bard, which believes Gore-Tex stole some of its technology. A victory will mean Bard’s being compensated for the remaining 10 years its patent is effective. Mr. Grant believes, with the growth of China’s patent office, that patent litigation will soon be a legal-services growth market.

The pirate flag, incidentally, is the same one Mr. Grant carried with his Navy SEAL platoon in Panama, where he fought narcotics traffickers.

Max Grant, IP pirate.

Max Grant, IP pirate.


One Response to Grant’s Back

  1. udtlearner says:

    And now,there are “Pirates”,again!

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