Rugby: Dartmouth 50, BC 8

Keeping to its unbeaten streak this past weekend, the Dartmouth Rugby Football Club tallied a handy 50 – 8 victory over the Boston College Eagles in the first match of post-season play. From the match report:

“Boston College opened the match firing with intensity, giving the Big Green everything they could handle at the contact point. Carried by early tries by Charlie Grant ’10, the Dartmouth side was able to establish a 10-5 lead it would never relinquish. “We kept a lot of pressure on them throughout and a lot of our opportunities came from that pressure… We did a great job supporting each other and we are hoping to keep up that sustained effort to finish out the last week of the season,” said Grant.”

The win means the DRFC will advance from Northeastern Quarterfinals to the Northeastern Semi-Finals, where it will face Syracuse University. A win there will mean both a shot at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, perennial Northeastern champions, and also a guaranteed bid to the national sweet 16 tournament.

drfc 6

The unbeaten DRFC, left.


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