Please excuse the recent absense of frequent posting at this web log; law school finals are too-fast approaching, per usual, and we’re all looking forward to some additional writing time when those are finished.



2 Responses to Finally.

  1. James Ian Murdoch says:

    Vis your article on blazers. You hit the nail firmly on the head though I would like to point out that officers of British Gurkha and Rifle regiments wear dark green blazers with black horn buttons their Light Infantry contemporaries wear dark green with silver buttons.
    Foot Guards and Line (heavy) infantry wear navy with regimental (usually gold, brass or gilt) buttons – as shown by the late Duke of Windsor, who is wearing the blazer of the Welsh Guards (five cuff buttons denoting the fifth regiment of Foot Guards).

  2. Andrew Eastman says:

    James, thanks for reading and for your comments. It’s history and individuality like that which make clothes interesting because it makes them more than just things to wear. Fashion is about trends, but style is all about personality (which, if good, comes from being interesting). Clothes are great but interesting stories are better.

    There was a post here a while back about regimental and club neckties which you might like to look up.

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