The Sun Also Rises

Allison Parker manages operations at Legal Placements, a recruiting firm which deals mainly with contract attorneys (lawyers who work on temporary ad-hoc legal teams or who are contracted with for particular matters, not lawyers who specialize in contract law).

Although she admits it’s still a buyer’s market with respect to legal services, the “pendulum is beginning to swing back,” Ms. Parker says: a moderate economic recovery is taking place across the legal landscape and firms are trying to “build capacity fast” as they start to find themselves back in the black again.

In the meantime, says Ms. Parker, temporary and contract lawyers are in high demand because they’re flexible and eager to work.

Allison Parker, pendulum aficionado.


One Response to The Sun Also Rises

  1. I really like your blog theme. It’s so simple! Where did you find it if you don’t mind me asking?

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