Dartmouth Rugby Preps for Spring

The Dartmouth Rugby Football Club, coming off a post-season Northeastern semi-finals upset by the University of Syracuse Orangemen after a 13-game winning streak, are regrouping this week as Spring practice begins and the Club readies itself for its annual Spring Tour. During the regular Fall season, the DRFC crushed opponents by an average of 55 points per game.

The Dartmouth Rugby Football Club.

“That game was really a statistical anomoly,” said Dartmouth head coach Alex Magleby ’00, of the Syracuse upset. “In the Fall, we had a fantastic season. You can’t control the wins and losses – you can only control the process. As cliched as it sounds, we played and trained well.”

Still, Coach Magleby and the DRFC are hardly packing it all in: though most Sophomore and Junior team members are off-campus for the Winter term, coaches are at work preparing Spring training schedules and working with Freshmen development squads. The Spring season will include 13 matches, in addition to the Tour, which will be a circuit of Arkansas and Texas teams.

The DRFC is the oldest continuously touring rugby club in America; past Tours have been around the United States and through Ireland, South Africa, and England. “A trip away from campus and the other priorities in our lives is always good,” says Magleby. “Team culture is the key in any sport. When a team works well together, respects each other, earns these opportunities together, they’re certainly on the right track towards wins.”


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  1. Many thanks! That was amazing 🙂

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