Your editorial staff has lately been contributing to the Ivy Style blog, though contributions suffer foreign edits previous to publication. One recent post, describing Mercer & Sons shirts as being roomy “the way boat sails are roomy,” met with this comment from an Ivy Style reader:

Great site overall. Not to be a pedant, but the roomy sail analogy speaks volumes about a lack of sailing savvy. As a cruising and racing sailor for nearly 40 years and a tradition BB dresser for even longer, I would posit that any worthwhile sail is designed and carefully cut to to enable adjustments to the wind conditions. Adjusted for flatness in stiff winds — and left open at the top to spill unneeded air; trimmed to semi-flatness in a moderate breeze, and, finally, with outhaul, cunningham and vang released trimmed to a roomy disposition for light air and downwind runs.

Maybe that is why I tuck my blousey, ape-armed, old BB oxfords in the back with a deep lateral crease when under a suit so that I don’t look like I’m wearing an old, retired tri-radial spinnaker for a dress shirt. With and oxford and khaki’s, let the spinnaker fly!! And under a shetland, who cares??

Unsure of our fellow site’s comment-and-reply policies, we’ll respond here, on home turf:

“Not to be a pedant”… but you are. And what’s worse, a pendant with no skill for proofreading; the worst kind. You’re likely a traditional “BB dresser,” not a “tradition” dresser, unless you dress up in costumes which represent different traditions, or unless you somehow actually dress traditions, like a window dresser in a department store. Not sure how that’s possible, but perhaps you’ve managed a way.

Assuming also “BB” stands for Brooks Brothers, and that you don’t actually put clothes on bb’s.

Though I’m out of my depth (ha!) re. archaic aspects of seamanship, I’m sure that “khaki’s” takes no apostrophe because it’s not possessive and because it’s not short for “khaki is.” You likely meant plain, old “khakis.” You likely also meant to use only one exclamation point and only one question mark at the end of your sentences, unless you’re a teenaged girl leaving comments from a pink BlackBerry Pearl. OMG, certainly.

“And under a shetland, who cares?(?)” Whoever was unlucky enough to get stuck under a miniature horse, that’s who!

You solipsistic ass.


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