Gay Talese Travels Well


6 Responses to Gay Talese Travels Well

  1. Jonathan says:

    I concur with the author on the treatment, you are opening yourself up to receive, by flight attendants when dressed well on planes. It’s been my experience that the staff appreciates people who dress as professional passengers, to counter their desire to dress as professional attendants.

    I can only imagine the vast quantity of disgusting feet they’ve been forced to endure and feel a tucked-in shirt is the least I can offer.

    • Andrew Eastman says:

      Thanks for reading and for the comment, and I agree: flight attendants are at work on a plane and they dress like professionals. When we come into their workplace, we should dress appropriately for it.

  2. RichardB says:

    I fail to understand why people need to distinguish between their comfortable (read: sloppy) weekend clothes and their tailored clothes when traveling. If your dressier clothes–suit, blazer, even cords or chinos–aren’t as comfortable as sweatpants, you’re simply not wearing well-fitting clothes.

  3. Andrew Eastman says:

    Thanks for reading, and for your comments. That makes perfect sense to me. It’s also worth noting that you can’t ever tell who you’re going to see in an airport. I once ran into some of my law professors and a local judge at our airport here in St. Louis and I was glad not to be in gym shorts.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Please provide a way for me to contact you other than a public posting. I have a copyright matter I’d like to discuss and I would like to avoid a DMCA notice.

    Thank you.

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