Think much? Drink more.

The website of The Atlantic magazine recently published an interesting chart having to do with the correlative relationship between the levels at which people’s brains function and how much they drink. The gist is surprising: on average, the smarter you are, the more you drink.

Drink_graphThe chart is based on years of research into British schoolchildren: “very bright” students participating in the study grew up to drink substantially more than their “very dull” classmates. The study controlled for “both income and education, as well as childhood social class and parents’ education.”

The logic behind the surprising results might be what English philosopher Michael Oakeshott called “the ordeal of consciousness”: the smarter the adult, the greater his need to occasionally disengage: high-functioning brains might sometimes need to unplug in the way that racehorses need to be walked off a track and back to the stables… they can’t run everywhere, all the time.


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