Criminal’s Neighbor Critical of Police

A deputy United States Marshal died today of a gunshot wound to the head he suffered this week while serving a high-risk warrant on a man suspected of multiple drug and weapons offenses, and previously convicted of others, in south St. Louis. The deputy Marshal, John Perry, had been with the United States Marshals service for nearly a decade. This web log’s sympathies and best wishes are with his family.

Deputy Marshal Perry and several St. Louis policemen were attempting to peacefully serve the warrant on Carlos Boles early yesterday morning when he opened fire on them. The officers returned fire and killed Mr. Boles, but not before he was able to shoot deputy Marshal Perry.

A neighbor of Mr. Boles told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch the police “shouldn’t have gone in shooting” and should have “sent in a relative to talk him out” instead. He failed to note that nobody went in shooting; law enforcement officers returned fire only after being fired upon. He failed also to realize any relative sent into Mr. Boles’ home wouldn’t have talked anybody out of anything; that relative would have only turned a shootout into a shootout/hostage situation.

Perhaps our critical neighbor has his own axe to grind with police officers or United States Marshals. Perhaps he wanted to rally his neighborhood, known for its hostility toward law enforcement, around some commonality. Perhaps he simply liked living next to a violent drug dealer.

In any event, his criticisms are ill-founded, illogical, and irresponsible. They serve only to compound a tragedy.

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