Danish Cartoon Redux.

A mob of Libyans recently stormed the United States embassy there and killed American ambassador Chris Stevens. This, after America led the international coalition which assisted in their liberation from dictatorship.

The mob had formed in protest of an American-made video mocking Mohammed, the prophet of Islam. The ambassador was killed in its wake. Since then, media outlets have, among other things, investigated the inflammatory video. Who acted in it, who produced it, who financed it, who distributed it?

Who cares?

The newsworthy event is not that an offensive and bigotted video was made, but that a group of people were so intolerant, small-minded and hateful as to take an innocent life over it. The barbarous idiocy of the Libyans behind the ambassador’s death boggles the mind (and upends any normal sense of proportionality). The way these people protest something offensive is to become offended to the point of murder?



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