Correspondents afield, listlessly.

April 24, 2010

Final examinations are about to be administered at the Saint Louis University School of Law and your editorial staff is library-bound for the immediate future (and near-intolerable present). Infrequent dispatches forthcoming.

Correspondents afield, listlessly.



December 1, 2009

Please excuse the recent absense of frequent posting at this web log; law school finals are too-fast approaching, per usual, and we’re all looking forward to some additional writing time when those are finished.


Correspondents Afield, and A-library

August 15, 2009

With the impending advent of another semester of law school, posts here have been regrettably scant of late; apologies. New material forthcoming.

Correspondent(s) a-library, regrettably.

Correspondent(s) a-library, regrettably.